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  • Jessica Yang

    Course: General English and IELTS Preparation
    Home country: China

    My name is Xiaorong Yang and my English name is Jessica. I have been studying English for about a year at Acknowledge Education. I have been so lucky to have a wonderful study journey here, especially in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic where almost every education organization met a big challenge to provide good quality services for their students. From my perspective, Acknowledge Education did a good job in this aspect.

    Click here for the full letter from Jessica.

    * Jessica has now started her pathway course, Diploma of Community Services at Acknowledge Education.  Good luck!


  • Claire Bonadona

    Course: General English
    Home country: France

    I arrived in Melbourne just before the border closed, but I enjoyed my course at MLC very much despite being online.  I loved when the teacher put us in breakout rooms. That way I was still able to make some friends and I am still in touch with them even though my course is finished now. It turns out that online school wasn’t boring at all because we did some  fun activities like quizzes and so forth. Also, my host family arranged by the school was very caring and helpful in many ways. I felt very lucky to live there.

    Through my studies at MLC, I have gained confidence with my English and I recently got a job with IGA supermarket!   I am looking forward to it!

  • Naokazu Takata

    Course: English for Health Professionals (OET Preparation)
    Home country: Japan
    Profession: Doctor

    The level of the classes at Melbourne Language Centre is very high and was exactly what I needed to help me study OET.
    Thanks to the high quality of the classes and dedicated teachers, it was easy to keep myself motivated to study.
    I’m grateful to Melbourne Language Centre for providing me with an environment where I could concentrate on my studies.
    Thank you very much for the classes.

    *Naokazu has been studying online.


  • Kamani

    Course: English for Health Professionals (OET Preparation)
    Profession: Vet

    This is just to say thank you for you and the management. I achieved 4Bs for the July OET Test. Your support and OET teachers’ guidance and helped me a lot to improve my English knowledge up to this level. The study period in your school was a great and joyful time for me.

  • Walai

    Course: English for Health Professionals (OET Preparation)
    Home country: Thailand
    Professions: Doctor

    I started from knowing nothing about OET and it was difficult for me in every part. However, every staff here are very nice and explain step by step until I could understand how to practice and focus in each skill. There are many available materials provided for students to practice. I have a lot of friends here and spent time after class, including weekends to practice listening and speaking with my friends. I had totally attended the class for 2 months before the examination and I could pass at my first attempt. I am very happy to study here. Thank you very much for great teaching!”

  • Chhingly

    Course: General English
    Home country: Cambodia

    My name is Chhingly. I am studying General English in here now. I study in here for short time but I think it is the best place for me to study English in Melbourne because it is nearly the city so it is easy going to school. The classroom is so comfortable and the teachers are professional because they are good at teaching and have a lot of experience. When I study with them, they make me happy and I want to study here. So I think it is the best school and I love MLC so much.

  • Tracy Li

    Age: 30
    Course: English for
    Academic Purposes
    Home country: China

    “I really love this school. The EAP course is quite different from courses in China I had joined. This class helps me know the culture and language better, which I can’t learn from Chinese schools.”

  • Cheuk Yin Waz

    Age: 25
    Course: IELTS Preparation
    Home country: Hong Kong

    “I found that the IELTS Preparation course provided by the Melbourne Language Centre has really come in handy. Not only because the friendly teachers here help improve my English skills but it has also established a multicultural environment for students to have a chance to meet people around the world, to practise and communicate in English. It is a nice place for international students to kick off their education journey in Australia, and I really appreciate all the support given by Melbourne Language Centre.”

  • Abdulelah Makki

    Age: 18
    Course: English for Academic Purposes
    Home country: Saudi Arabia

    “I think the Melbourne Language Centre is an excellent school because students have to work hard to be promoted. I have been to other schools where standards are lower and it is easier to be promoted.”

  • Ye Htun Naing

    Age: 35
    Course: English for Health Professionals (OET Preparation)
    Home country: Myanmar (Burma)

    “After searching for and reviewing many schools for my OET, I finally decided to enrol myself at MLC (City Campus). During the course we were trained by wonderful tutors who are well experienced with OET. I learned many useful tactics and tips to assist me to perform well in OET. The course runs with an introduction and acclimatisation to OET in the first two weeks and practices and exam-simulated exercises and tests in last two weeks. Other highlights of the centre include multicultural students from all over the world and a friendly and welcoming environment for all of them. I passed my OET and to my surprise, I even got 3 As and 1 B! In addition to my amazing results, what I have learned from the course is really valuable and useful in my daily practice. Thanks to Melbourne Language Centre, I achieved my required English scores, and I would like to recommend MLC to everyone planning to sit for OET.”

  • Sayuri Noro

    Age: 26
    Course: General English/IELTS
    Home country: Japan

    “Melbourne Language Centre’s teachers are very kind. They always care about students and they talk to us outside of class. I really appreciate them. I’ll never forget their great behaviour. Thank you.”

  • Mei Kubota

    Age: 25
    Course: English for Health Professionals (Nursing)
    Home country: Japan

    “There are great teachers at the Melbourne Language Centre. When I ask the teachers my questions, they teach us thoroughly until we understand. So I like study more. Thank you Melbourne Language Centre.”

  • Saki Akiya

    Age: 18
    Course: General English
    Home country: Japan

    “At Melbourne Language Centre all the teachers are really friendly. They have different backgrounds so we can be familiar with many types of English pronunciation and how to study. We can make a lot of friends from many countries and get to know various cultures, which is really interesting for me. We enjoy all our time at MLC. I’m glad I came here.”

  • Tomoko

    Course: General English
    Home country: Japan

    “I enjoyed learning English in this school. Surprisingly grammar in use is a bit different from Japan so it was hard to understand for me, but thanks to an enthusiastic teacher I have much more interest in it. Actually they are very good at not only teaching but also entertaining us. I am very lucky and happy to study here.”

  • Ai Morita

    Age: 32
    Course: English for Health Professionals (Nursing)
    Home country: Japan

    “I had a good time at Melbourne Language Centre.”