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English for Secondary Schools (MLC High School Preparation)

CRICOS Code: 080627B

Intakes: Every Monday

Course Length: 1–52 weeks

• There is no mandated course length, but an average of 20 weeks is usual.
• The length of the course is determined by a number of factors including age,
date of entry, testing, and year level.
• Course completion is established in liaison with the pathway secondary school.

Campus: Melbourne City & Box Hill

Hours: 25 hours per week

Age: 13 – 17 years

Course Overview:

The Melbourne Language Centre’s English for Secondary Schools is considered to be the premier course of its kind in Victoria.

This course focuses on the development of English language and communication skills and prepares students to study in an Australian secondary school.

The course is underpinned by:

  • Integration of CLIL such as maths, science, culture, geography, art, PE, and Biology
  • Aspects of Victorian Curriculum F – 10 for EAL
  • Interactive activities, audio and video clips to keep students engaged
  • Regular cultural/social activities with clearly defined learning points
  • Excellence in teaching practice for all major skills (Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking) as well as enabling skills (Pronunciation, Spelling, Vocabulary, Grammar and Punctuation)
  • Effective use of educational technology
  • A broad school pathway network which includes a large number of independent and government schools
  • Constant liaison between MLC and pathway schools


The teaching and assessment methods at MLC include:

– Traditional classroom delivery
– Online support materials
– Integration of different learning styles
– Group work
– Acting/drama/plays
– Interactive educational games
– Individual and group assignments

Specialist teachers are employed to teach mathematics and science, with students in upper classes and in all maths and science classes introduced to school textbooks. Homework is an integral part of the student program and is monitored by the classroom teacher. Students are encouraged to read short stories from their pathway school’s English book list before commencing at the school. Excursions are held on a regular basis and usually incorporate worksheets for additional learning. Occasionally, a ‘fun’ excursion to a destination such as Luna Park will be organised.



Time Activity
09:00-10:30 Class
10:30-10:45 Morning break
10:45-12:15 Class
12:15-13:15 Lunch
13:15-14:15 Class
14:15-14:30 Afternoon break
14:30-15:30 Class


Assessment Feedback – Report
Ongoing Week 8
Week 8


Diagnostic assessment at the beginning of the course is used to determine the proficiency level of students.

Continuous/Progress assessment is conducted to monitor and track students’ progress during the course.

Exit assessment with a comprehensive testing on all elements of the course is used to measure students’ achievement.

We send a comprehensive progress report to the pathway schools (if we are advised of the details) every 8 weeks, and our Program Manager liaises with the International Student Coordinator regularly to keep the pathway schools updated on their students’ progress at MLC. We assist the schools to meet our students prior to the mainstream course commencement, which ensures that students have a smooth transition into the school system and are confident in their new school life.

Our Pathway High Schools:

View the list here.


Students must be under 18 years old.

School Dates:

At MLC, classes are run continuously throughout the year – the school is open every day except Saturday, Sunday and public holidays and does not close for term or school holidays. Saturday school can be arranged for special occasions.


 View fee list here.

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